Introducing Theremin, one of the first electronic instruments - digitalized and resized - for eerie sounds on the go!

Developed in Russia back in 1919, Leon Theremin's classic instrument enjoyed popular (if not commercial) success in the 1920's and 30's, due to the virtuoso classical performances of Clara Rockmore in the 1920's and 30's; and later due to the theremin's use in the sci-fi soundtracks by thereminist/podiatrist Dr. Samuel Hoffman.

Generally, the strange and evocative sound of the theremin is called upon whenever the music suggests:

- inner psychological turmoil (see "Spellbound")

- invasions by creatures from other planets ("Klaatu barada nikto")

- songs inspired by "the way the sunlight plays upon her hair"

Controlling theremin is easy: with the iPhone held out in front of you, turn it clockwise for a higher pitch, counter-clockwise for a lower pitch. Tilt the phone face-down (or face-up) to add vibrato. And use the on-screen volume control to continuously adjust amplitude. A status line shows you the current frequency, pitch (e.g. A#), and volume.

As you perform, so does Mr. Theremin. His hands move toward and away from the theremin's antennae, tracking pitch with his right hand and volume with his left.

Flip to the Preferences panel, and you can adjust several important aspects of the theremin's sound:
- Waveform selection: different tone colors via sine, triangle, square waves
- System volume: Adjusts the iPhone/iPod overall volume so that you can adjust the balance between Music Player and Theremin volume levels
- Pitch range: +/- 1, 2, or 3 octaves
- Vibrato speed and maximum depth
- Lissajous graphics: turn this on to enable funky oscilloscope-style graphics whose speed tracks the theremin pitch

And thanks to technological process, we can make it available to you for approximately 0.2% of the price of the original instrument! And that's not even adjusting for inflation! Try Theremin ... for fun sonic weirdness anytime, anywhere!





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