Audiogasm: Music Visualizer

Audiogasm: Music Visualizer

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【iPhone神アプリ】Audiogasm: Music Visualizerの評価・評判、口コミ

VISUALIZE MUSIC ANYWHERE USING MICROPHONE! IPHONE, IPAD, HDTV, AND IPOD AT NATIVE RESOLUTION INCLUDING RETINA DISPLAY. Audiogasm creates hypnotic visuals while listening to your favorite iPod music or whistling a tune. It is a great way to relax while listening to your favorite music. Discover your artistic side and generate beautiful wallpaper for your iPhone.

- Music visualization of songs in your iPod library!
- Supports all native resolutions including iPad and iPhone4/iPod4 Retina display.
- TV Out supported with Apple AV Cables and iPad, iPhone4, and iPod touch 4th generation.
- Dynamically generated artwork that is unique, beautiful, and hypnotic.
- Beat detection algorithm for determining timing of animation changes.
- Utilizes iPhone microphone and real-time audio analyzer so it will work with any music source.
- Visualize sound frequencies in the color spectrum with amazing animations.
- Swipe finger across the screen to take a snapshot. Save to photo album, Facbeook, and Twitter.
- Shake device to change the current animation.
- Configuration screen for adjusting microphone sensitivity, effects, and images.

Just play your favorite song on your iPod, home stereo, or whistle your favorite tune. Audiogasm uses the microphone to paint what it hears in a hypnotic like fashion. Shake device to change the current animation. Swipe your finger across the screen to save the painting to your photo gallery which you can then use as wallpaper. Tap the screen to bring up the configuration screen and adjust microphone sensitivity if visuals are too soft or loud.

Audiogasm requires a microphone to visualize your iPod music. iPod touch users need to attach a microphone, such as the Apple earphones with mic. TV support requires composite or component cables on supported devices such as iPad, iPhone4, and iPod4. Bluetooth headsets are not supported (not from lack of trying!)

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Audiogasm: Music Visualizerのレビューや評価・評判、口コミまとめ


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  • GenBass 2015年06月23日

マイク入力された音声からグラフィックを生成するソフト(iPodの音楽は利用できません)。 グラフィックのパターンが意外と単調でしたが、無料ソフトとしては頑張ってるほうかと思います。 音楽の他、会話や街の雑踏など、いろいろな音を視覚化して楽しめます。