JotNot Scanner Single Page

JotNot Scanner Single Page

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JotNot Single Page is the fastest and simplest way to quickly save a singe document, receipt or note. JotNot Single Page save single document, receipt, whiteboard, business card or note into a PDF; email the scan directly; or upload it to Evernote where it can be indexed or shared with others.

All the image processing happens on your iPhone so confidential data remains under your control. JotNot works forever, there's no subscription fee, and you don't need Internet access to scan documents.

See our Youtube channel for product demonstrations:

JotNot is more than just a camera app. It uses proprietary image processing (similar to the imaging technology used in flatbed scanners) to automatically remove shadows, correct contrast and adjust white balance, so that your scanned documents come out looking as crisp and clear as possible every time.

JotNot will attempt to automatically detect the document in the image making it easy to remove the information you don’t want in the scan -- like the stuff lying around your desk: pens, coffee mugs, loose change, etc.

Here is what the press has to say about JotNot:

"I’ve found that if you take the picture carefully, JotNot can capture a document as well as a fax machine can. And, of course, it’s much easier to carry around."
» The New York Times, July 2009

"I am amazed at how readable the processed images are."
» MacWorld UK / The Industry Standard

"The application works perfectly for casually taking photographs of your documents to ensure that you don’t lose them, and is one that I’ll probably wind up using pretty frequently."
» TechCrunch

This update has many features including:
• Automatic edge detection,
• Evernote integration,
• Camera stabilization,
• Automated backup of scans,
• A simple, easy to use interface,
• Ability to email scans as PDFs, PNGs, and JPEGs,
• Presets for receipts, documents, and more
• Automatic paper sizing: Letter, Legal, or A4
• Ability to save to the Photo Library
• Ability to import from the Photo Library
• An extensive web-based help (under Settings => Help)

Using JotNot is easy:

1) Take or import a picture of a document

2) Select the area you want to save. Adjust the processing settings (by clicking the gear icon) and/or select the paper size (leaving it on "Auto" is fine).

3) Click "Process" to enhance the image. You will be shown a preview of the enhanced image.

Tips to get the best quality scans:

• Ensure that the document is flat and well lit
• Use a preset mode when possible
• For faint text try maxing out the contrast
• Try to use image stabilization if possible. If you have a 3GS, make sure the auto focus has time to engage.
• If you have a 1st Gen or 3G iPhone, you MUST hold the phone at least 12 inches away to get a sharp image (due to the fixed focus lens).

We are actively developing JotNot and look forward to frequent updates. Please take our survey at to help us decide on future features.

Please contact JotNot customer service at to try to resolve any problems. Most problems can be solved easily, but we cannot help you solve your problem from the iTunes comments.



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