Flight Status Pro

Flight Status Pro

【iPhone神アプリ】Flight Status Proの評価・評判、口コミ

FLIGHT STATUS PRO is the best flight tracking app for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.


Flight Status Pro is a powerful flight tracking application for all worldwide flights. Check flight delays, view arrival and departure times, terminal and gate numbers, baggage claim info and much more. App syncs your flights from your TripIt account. It also supports push notifications to inform you on flight delays, gate changes etc. App also supports multiple zoom-able map styles and is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod.

You can check the status of the flights in three ways. 1) By Flight Number 2) By Route and 3) By Airport. With these three approaches, you can pretty much track any flight with this app. The Trips module lets you save and track flights easily and integrates with TripIt.

Here are the key highlights of this application...

* Check the status of all flights worldwide
* Supports 4300+ Airports and 1200+ Airlines
* Displays Terminal, Gate & Baggage Claim Information
* Provides estimates for Arrival, Takeoff and Landing
* Provides information about Flight Delays & Cancellations
* Searches flights by Flight Number, Route & Airport
* Check Flight Status for worldwide flights 1 year in advance by flight number
* Supports push notifications which inform you on delays, gate/terminal changes etc.

* Zoomable Maps for all flights worldwide
* Three Map Style options available to choose from
* Displays maps even for airport search
* You can view Hotels, Car Rentals, Restaurants, Coffee shops, Parking spots in and around a selected airport

* Trips module lets you manages your flights
* Integrates with TripIt to sync your flights
* Lets you input your flight confirmation numbers in the Trips module
* TripIt sync downloads confirmation, passenger & booking info

* Live airport temperature and weather forecast information for worldwide airports
* Arrival & Departure Delay information for airports in US & Canada
* Remembers recently used Airports & Airlines
* Lets you filter your results by Airlines or by flight status
* Timings are displayed based on region format

and much more...

The information displayed in this app is gathered from FlightStats.com which is a very reliable sources of information for tracking flights.

This app is the best designed flight tracking app with many unique features you won't find in other flight tracking apps.

If you are a frequent flier, this application can be priceless. If you'd like to manage your complete travel itinerary including Flights, Hotels, Car Rentals, Meeting, Appointments etc check out our 'Trips' application.

If you have any feedback/suggestions/issues, please email us at support@touchmeme.com.



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