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This is an iPhone application for studying Japanese vocabulary and conversation.
Japanese vocabulary and conversation essential for travel to Japan have been carefully selected.
This application is intended for a wide range of users from beginners to intermediate learners of Japanese.
Learn Japanese and let's go to Japan!

◆ Conversation and Vocabulary
548 sentences useful for travel to Japan including greetings and brief phrases you can use in case of trouble as well as 386 helpful words have been carefully selected.

・Conversation topics
Greetings/Making Requests/Self-Introductions/Asking Questions/At the Airport/Transportation I ~ II/At the Hotel I ~ III/At a Restaurant I ~ II/At the Bank/Phone Calls I ~ II/Shopping I ~ II/Troubles I ~ II/Illness or Injury I ~ II/At the Post Office/Expressing Intentions/At an Event Site/At a Beauty Salon・Hair Salon/Family・Job/Expressing Your Feelings/At a Ceremonial Photo Session/Expressing Your Preferences・Desires/Invitation・Schedule/Time・Place・Distance/Hobbies・Leisure/Accepting an Invitation/Weather・Climate/Actions・Behaviors/Characteristics・Conditions: Human/Characteristics・Conditions: Things/Encouragement・Compliments/Visiting Someone's House/Meeting Someone/Personal Appearance・Body/Quantities・Qualities/Farewell Greetings

・Vocabulary topics
Basic Words I ~ II/Airport・Immigration/Transportations/Hotel/Dining/Shopping/Useful Descriptive Words/Numbers・Numerals I ~ II/Sickness・Injury・Troubles/Family Structure/Body Parts/Feelings・Will/Hobbies・Entertainment/Situations・Conditions/Colors/Geography/Weather・Seasons・Directions/Actions・Behaviors/Personalities・Characteristics

◆Lesson Contents
Vocabulary and conversations are learned separately. Practice sessions include flash cards. You master expressions by reading Japanese and phonetic script(Romanized Japanese) and listening to the audio.
Each topic you have completed is marked so that you can see at a glance which units you have remaining for study.

・Listening Test and Japanese Translation Test
You check your progress through Listening Tests in which you hear Japanese and select corresponding English translations and also by Japanese Translation Tests in which you read English and select corresponding Japanese translations (in both Romanized and native scripts).
If you answer all questions correctly, you will receive a completion mark.

・Overall Test and Score
Overall Test / 20 questions per test.
You can check your progress.

・Score/Results of the last 5 tests are shown graphicallly.
You can check your learning progress.

・Romanized Japanese (with phonetic symbols) is provided.





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