Dr.eye譯典通 2.2.1 (Dr.eye Instant Translation)

Dr.eye譯典通 2.2.1 (Dr.eye Instant Translation)

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【iPhone神アプリ】Dr.eye譯典通 2.2.1 (Dr.eye Instant Translation)の評価・評判、口コミ



Dr.eye市場領先 12大超強法寶:
1. 全新支援及介面設計: 全新支援iOS 6,並採用簡明介面,操作更順手!
2. 最新鮮英文新聞閱讀: Taiwan News 授權提供每日英文新聞, 瞭解時事、學習英文一手掌握!
3. 十四萬單詞真人發音: 美國專業口語教授親自錄製,100%純正道地美音!
4. 趣味實用背單字功能: 隨時使用內建單字卡,分級學習英文單字!
5. 市場唯一跨平台同步: 透過 Dr.eye 會員空間,可將您的電腦和行動設備上的生字筆記自由同步!
6. 最領先雲端查詢應用: 除本機超過30萬的詞庫量,還可同步聯網查詢網路詞庫(雲端運算)!
7. 最先進自動拼寫校正: 單字拼錯怎麼辦? Dr.eye自動拼寫校正功能幫您找到您要查的單字!
8. 超智慧模糊查詢技術: 單字實在不會拼如何是好?利用萬用字元問號或星號代替不確定的字母或字母串,即可輕鬆查到所需單字。如您想查詢compliment,但您記不住到底是compliment還是complement, 您只需輸入compl?ment,Dr.eye就會幫您找到精確答案!
9. 超實惠中文繁簡辭典套裝: 一次消費, 立即享受簡繁兩套辭庫!辭庫隨您機器設定而自動切換:系統為繁體中文,則提供繁體辭典;系統為簡體中文,則提供簡體辭典;系統為英文或其它語言,您可根據需要,切換為繁體辭典或簡體辭典。
10. 最專業軟體研發團隊: Dr.eye專業軟體團隊通過全球最權威軟體頂級認證(CMMI - L5),確保您享受最優產品和服務!
11. 超貼心免費版本升級: 一站式服務,最輕鬆,超實惠!購買Dr.eye,馬上享受免費版本升級服務!
12. 即時便捷會員討論區:可隨時進行提問並可快速及時獲得回覆!


Dr.eye has been widely recognized as the most popular translation software in Chinese world. This version contains both the most trusted English-Chinese & Chinese-English Dictionary and the world’s most authoritative Concise Oxford English Dictionary. It’s your best buy.

Dr.eye’s 12 Advanced Killer Functions:
1. Strong System Support & Simple Interface Design: Support iOS 6 and develop a comely user interface to be friendlier to you.
2. Latest English News: Read the Daily English news authorized by Taiwan News to get known of the hottest news and improve your English ability..
3. Unparalleled Human Voice for 140,000 English Entries: All pronunciations are recorded by native English speakers.
4. Interesting & Practical Word-Reciting Function: With the embedded graded word cards, you can recite English words step by step.
5. Unique Cross-Platform Synchronization: With Dr.eye Space, you can synchronize your Word Note’s records between your PC and mobile devices at your will.
6. Advanced Cloud Computing Feature: You can connect to Dr.eye online dictionary (Cloud Computing) for further search if you fail to look up a word in the preinstalled 300,000-entry database.
7. Automatic Spelling Correction: Dr.eye will help you to find the correct word when you input a misspelled word.
8. Intelligent Fuzzy Search Technology: You don’t remember the exact spelling of a word? You can use “?” or “*” to stand for a character or a string to find its correct spelling. For example, you can input “compl?ment” or “compl*nt” to find out “compliment”.
9. Super-Valued Dictionary Dataset: It contains two sets of database – simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.
10. Professional Software R&D Team: With the world top software certification (CMMI-L5), Dr.eye R&D team are dedicated to providing best products and service.
11. Free Software Upgrade Service: You can update your Dr.eye to enjoy the newest database and functions. It’s easy and free!
12. Instant & Convenient Member Interaction: You can ask or answer questions about Dr.eye and so on at any time.



Dr.eye譯典通 2.2.1 (Dr.eye Instant Translation)のレビューや評価・評判、口コミまとめ



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