SUSHI BOOK   How and Where to Enjoy Sushi

SUSHI BOOK How and Where to Enjoy Sushi

【iPhone神アプリ】SUSHI BOOK How and Where to Enjoy Sushiの評価・評判、口コミ

SUSHI BOOK is a visual guidebook application which introduces you the basic knowledge of Sushi and allure of it. This guidebook is very useful for people from other nations.

This application gives you detailed instructions on how to eat sushi. If you got SUSHI BOOK, you don’t have to hesitate to visit sushi restaurant, because all the basics about sushi is covered in this application. Information of recommended sushi restaurants in Japan that are popular among people from other nations is included as well.

(What you can do by SUSHI BOOK)
【Sushi Menu】
Pictures of typical sushi and comment on it. This is very useful when you order sushi in the restaurants.

【Our Recommended Sushi Restaurants in Japan】
Information of 320 recommended sushi restaurants for people from other nations is included, categorized into 3 ranges as ‘High-end sushi restaurants’, ’Popular sushi restaurants and chain restaurants’ and ‘Kaiten-zushi restaurants’. In addition, you can check the availability of English menu or English speaking stuffs. Each restaurant list is linked to map and web pages of the restaurant.
※You need wifi or 3G network to use this function.

【Sushi Information】
Some knowledge about sushi with pictures
●Sushi, a traditional Japanese dish
●Techniques of Sushi chefs
●How to eat Sushi
●The basic Sushi Items
●History of Sushi



SUSHI BOOK How and Where to Enjoy Sushiのレビューや評価・評判、口コミまとめ


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